ABC Express Sale (Pick Up Only)

Mar 29, 2020 6:30pm

From Adventist Book Center about Bookmobile (ABC Express Sales):

We are concerned for your health and well being but still want to honor your ability to get the food supplies you need. Here are a few guidelines we are requesting.

Please stagger the times you come to pick up your order based on the first initial of your last name:
6:30-6:50 for A-H
6:50-7:10 for I-M
7:10-7:30 for N-S
7:30-8:00 for T-Z

To minimize handling of product and spreading germs this way, we won't be bringing the books with us on bookmobile. If there are books you want to purchase please call ahead of time and make a preorder. You can always cancel and not purchase the books even at the sale itself. There is nothing to lose for you. But if you don't ask us to bring it then it won't be there.

If you plan to come to one of the bookmobile stops but are feeling a little sick please DO NOT come. If you need supplies please send someone else to pick it up for you.